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World of Coffee is the fastest-growing coffee show in Europe. This year’s World of Coffee took place in Amsterdam and hosted around 6800 visitors and 240 exhibitors. The show is known as “the place to be” for the speciality coffee industry. It took place from the 21st till the 23rd of June. Touton Specialties was represented by Tom, Philippa, Julio, Jeremy and Tatjana. Imke supported us from our office in Hamburg.

In total we hosted five open cuppings:

  • The world in our cups - Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Ethiopia & Kenya

  • A journey through Burundi - washed and naturals from Burundi

  • East African beauties - Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya

  • Meet & Cup with Baho - washed, naturals and honeys from Rwanda

  • Touton & You! - Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Ethiopia & Kenya

Meet & Cup with Baho was one of our highlights. Emmanuel is the owner of four washing stations in Rwanda. Together with his family he developed his own grading system and is continuously experimenting with washed, honeys and naturals. Our visitors had the chance to cup two natural processed, one honey processed and three fully washed coffees while receiving a first-hand impression by talking to Emmanuel and our team. We are happy to continue to work closely with him and can’t wait to receive his coffees in the upcoming months.

Overall we were overwhelmed by the large number of people who came to visit us at our booth or even took the opportunity to cup with us. World of Coffee was a great success for Touton Specialties and we can’t wait to see all of you again in Berlin next year.

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