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Aktualisiert: 4. Sept. 2018

We are very excited to be part of this year's Berlin Coffee Festival. On Monday, 3rd of September the Festival is hosting a so called professional-day, which is meant to serve as a platform for those who are not only part of the coffee movement, but also actively shape it. We would like to invite you to our East Africa Cupping from 3 - 4 o'clock at Markthalle Neun in Berlin. There will be some really great Ethiopian, Kenyan, Burundi and Rwanda coffees waiting for you.


East Africa Cupping | 3rd Sept. | 3 - 4 o'clock | Markthalle Neun Berlin

Rwanda - Bugoyi, washed Arabica, Grade A1, Scr. 15+, Red Bourbon,

Rwanda - Fugi, honey Arabica, Grade A1, Scr. 15+, Red Bourbon

Rwanda - Bugoyi, natural Arabica, Grade A1, Scr. 15+, Red Bourbon

Ethiopia - Sidamo, natural Arabica, Grade 3, Heirloom

Burundi - Kivubo, washed Arabica, Scr. 15+, Bourbon

Kenya - AA Top Kahuro, washed Arabica, SL28

Kenya - Peaberry Yara, washed Arabica, SL28

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