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Las Lajas, a family-owned business with its own farms and a micromill equipped with the latest technology, is owned by Francisca and Oscar Chacon, third-generation coffee producers. It is located at the foothills of the Poas Volcano in Alajuela. This family business stands out not only for its high quality in specialty coffees but also for being pioneers in processes such as honey and natural, always perfecting and innovating. Today, they also offer processes like black, red, and yellow honey. On their farms, you can find varieties such as H1, Villa Sarchi, Milenio, among others. To create Black Diamond, in addition to a meticulous selection, the Chacons use a drying process of 15 to 22 days to allow the coffee to dry correctly while the flavors develop. This family has received various awards for their excellent quality, but one of the greatest satisfactions for them is seeing their coffee reaching places all around the world.


Country Costa Rica

Region Central Valley

Micromill Las Lajas

Coffee farm Sabanilla de Alajuela

Producer Francisca & Oscar Chacon


Coffee type Arabica

Crop 2022/23

Harvest time Jan. - Apr.

Harvest method Picking

Altitude 1550m

Variety Milenio

Processing Natural

Soil type Volcanic soil

Irrigation Natural rainfall

Ref. No. P11067


cinnamon | dried fruit sweetness | fermented strawberry | sparkling | winey | biscuity | blueberry

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