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Our vanilla powder is made from whole vanilla beans from Madagascar. The vanilla beans are carefully selected by our team in France prior to be grinded and steam sterilized to make a well balance and flavored powder. The uniformity of particles, the aromatic consistency and homogeneity, and its “ready to use” aspect make our vanilla powder popular among food and cosmetic manufacturers. Once processed our vanilla powder is packed by our team in France following a thorough food safety and quality compliant process. For over a century, Touton has developed its expertise in sourcing and selecting high-quality vanilla from Madagascar. In 2015, Touton established a local representative office in Madagascar, to strengthen our value chains with local farmers and possessors while guaranteeing direct communication. These long-term partnerships guarantee quality and traceability on conventional and certified Madagascar Vanilla (Organic, Fairtrade, RFA).


Country Madagascar


Quality steam sterilized

Vanillin min. 1%

Humidity 15%

Color black


Form Vanilla Powder

Size 500 micron

Packaging 250g - 5kg silk bags

packed in 20kg Cardboards

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