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For over a century, Touton has developed its expertise in sourcing and selecting high-quality vanilla from around the world. Over the past decades, Touton has established a strong bond between local farmers and global food processors. Thanks to long-term partnerships, reinforced by our team in Madagascar since 2015, and our own curing station in Uganda, Touton has been able to strengthen its value chains while guaranteeing direct communication and providing quality and traceability.

Our ground-based sustainability programs support farmers’ living income by promoting good agronomy practices and crop diversification. The combination of vanilla and coffee production can provide in the long run a second source of income, while encouraging diversity and the protection of biodiversity.



  • Our Gourmet Grade vanilla from Madagascar has a high vanillin content and an optimal moisture

  • It's kwon for intense and complex flavor due to hand-pollination and traditional harvesting and processing methods

  • Touton established a local representative office in Madagascar and built long-lasting partnerships

  • Our vanilla planifolia is free from artificial flavors and additives and is the preferred choice, for connoisseurs and gourmets.


  • Vanilla tahitensis is known for its aromatic flavors with floral, fruity, and slightly spicy notes.

  • Our vanilla tahitensis grows in the warm and humid environment of Papua New Guinea.

  • It's carefully hand-pollinated, hand-picked and processed using traditional methods to ensure a premium quality while retaining its natural aromas and flavors.

  • Our vanilla powder is made from whole vanilla beans from Madagascar.

  • The beans are harvested by local farmers.

  • Our vanilla powder is air-dried and steam-sterilized.

  • It's grounded and packaged by our team in France.

  • The uniformity of particles and aroma, and its “ready to be used” aspect makes our vanilla powder popular among food and cosmetic manufacturers.



The Sustainable vanilla Initiative (SVI) is an industry initiative aimed at promoting a long-term, stable supply of high-quality, natural vanilla produced in a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable manner. The SVI is organized by IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, in collaboration with the US-based Sustainable Food Lab (SFL), and works closely with vanilla exporters, producers, industry organizations, and public authorities worldwide to address issues of traceability, labor rights, and technical support for farming associations.

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