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At Touton, our goal is to provide you with the best service throughout the entire coffee purchasing process.


The exchange with our customers is crucial for us, especially in the selection of coffees from the origin countries. According to our customers' wishes and needs, we pay special attention to certain regions, qualities, varieties, etc. when sourcing our coffees.


In addition to importing our own coffees from the various countries of origin, we also act as a logistics service provider for the qualities selected by our customers, allowing them to receive their coffee as direct trade.


Our coffees are stored at our warehouse in Hamburg. Release order contracts allow our customers to receive their coffee only when needed. During delivery, we always try to find the best solutions to supply our customers throughout Europe.


In order to support our customers in their financial planning, we have the opportunity to award payment terms. These are primarily provided as part of a long-term relationship.


On the basis of detailed quality control, we ensure that our customers only receive high-quality coffee from us. We also guarantee this to those who import their specially selected qualities through us.


We like to advise our customers and interested parties with reliable support. Here, it is irrelevant, whether they are traditional, third wave, large or small roasters. We are happy to advise on assortment planning, roasting profiles, blends, and much more.


We invite our customers and interested parties to regular cuppings in our sample room. At the same time, we are also very pleased to host public or private cuppings at our customer's and prospect's roasteries.


Transparency and disclosure of the information are extremely important to us.

For this reason, we provide our customers, as a minimum, with detailed information about the history and origin of our coffee.

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