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So far, only those roasters have been able to advertise Fairtrade certified coffee, that are Fairtrade certified themselves. This is changing now in Germany: since this year, Fairtrade Germany is offering a new, unbureaucratic partnership option for all small roasters for whom an own Fairtrade license is out of the question: the coffee-roasting-partnership! With this you can advertise your commitment to Fairtrade even without being certified yourself. Furthermore, you will be integrated in the online shopping finder on the website of Fairtrade Germany!






  1. You are a small roaster in Germany and process up to 5 tons of Fairtrade certified green coffee, and a total of max. 20 tons of green coffee per year. 

  2. Register for a one-time application fee of 99 Euros for the roasting-partnership for 2 years on the official Fairtrade Germany website. 

  3. Buy Fairtrade certified coffee from a certified retailer, like Touton Specialties Coffee

  4. Get free access to Fairtrade promotion materials that you can use to promote your Fairtrade certified coffee! You will also be listed in the Fairtrade online shopping finder. 

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