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27 years ago, Jose Uribe Lasso embarked on the adventure around the El Diviso farm. Together with his family, he transformed El Diviso from a simple farm into a successful family business. The farm is located at an altitude of 1,780 – 1,900 meters in the Colombian Massif in Huila, Colombia. The whole Lasso-family is dedicated to experimenting with different processes, thus achieves unique flavor blends. The farm carries great diversity of varieties and is currently home to different Bourbons like Ají, Rosado, and Sidra, or Geishas, among many others. This coffee has been grown by the 26-year-old son of Jose Uribe, Nestor Lasso, whose coffees are already recognized worldwide.  


Country Colombia

Region PitalitoHuila

Producer Nestor Lasso

Coffee farm Finca El Diviso


Coffee type Arabica

Crop 2024

Harvest time May - June

Harvest method Picking

Altitude 1700 - 1800masl

Variety Ombligon

Processing Natural

Soil type Loamy soil

Irrigation Natural rainfall

Ref. No. P11265


Raspberry Jelly l  Guava l Chocolate


Optimal selection of darker colored cherries with brix degrees of 24-26 °.

The floats are removed and the cherries are washed with 5% alcohol to remove impurities and unwanted bacteria.

Fermentation Process:

The process begins with a 48 hours of oxidation, followed by a 12 hour resting period and then

another 60 hours oxidation process. The bags are opened periodically to maintain a temperature between 30 and 40 degrees. At the end of the 60 hours, the bags are left open to increase the temperature before washing. The cherries are then loaded into a plastic tank for a 24 hours anaerobic fermentation with leachate recirculation.


The cherries are then washed and fermentation is stopped with hot water at 50 degrees.

Quenching is a specific method of rapidly cooling down coffee beans or cherries. It is a critical step in various coffee processing methods as it contributes to fixate the compounds released during fermentation. The combination of hot and cold water first opens the pores in the bean and the fixates the volatile compounds.


Natural drying in the sun in a canopy and final shape in a dehumidifier machine (60-70h)

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