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In 1990, the Vergara family moved from Cundinamarca to Huila, where they founded Finca Las Flores. Their journey into specialty coffee began in 2006, initiated by Martha Vergara. Today, her sons Diego and Johan are dedicated to the specialty coffee business, while their father, Elhilberto, handles the commercial aspects. In 2023, they planted 18,000 new coffee trees at an al- titude of 1,700 to 1,790 meters. At just 30 years old, Johan Vergara has achieved remarkable recognition, winning first place in the Master of Coffee South Ko- rea 2019 - Coffee Producer and Roaster, and Top Ro- ast Colombia 2022 in the Process Coffee category.


Country Colombia

Region AcevedoHuila

Producer Jhoan Vergara

Coffee farm Finca las Flores


Coffee type Arabica

Crop 2024

Harvest time May - June

Harvest method Picking

Altitude 1750masl

Variety Gesha

Processing Washed

Soil type Loamy soil

Irrigation Natural rainfall

Ref. No. P11261


Jasmin l Tangerine l Vanilla l Caramel l Plum


Cherries at the optimal ripeness point are picked (22-26° Brix) from the healthiest trees

with the best foliage. The cherries are floated - washed with Alcohol (5%) eliminating impurities.

Fermentation Process:

An Oxidation stage is done at room temperature for 12 hours in open plastic bags,

followed by a rinse in water to remove floaters. Cherries are introduced in 200 Liter plastic

drums. Submerged fermentation follows for 24 hours, adding Mosto kept and reproduced from

previous fermentations of the same variety. This stage will accelerate the fermentation process

and intensify the profile. Cherries are then depulped and packed in closed plastic bags in a anaerobic fermentation environment for 60 hours.


The fermentation process is abruptly interrupted through a combination of hot (50°C) during 30

minutes Quenching is a specific method of rapidly cooling down coffee beans or cherries. It is a critical step in various coffee processing methods as it contributes to fixate the compounds released during fermentation. The combination of hot and cold water first opens the pores in the bean and the fixates the volatile compounds.

Pristine precision drying:

Coffee is dried in a hermetically sealed stainless steel dehumidifier until it reaches 11%. Pristine Precision Drying is done for approximately 36 to 40 hours. Stabilization follows for 2 week.

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