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The El Progreso farm belongs to Rodrigo Sancho and his family. Located in El Carmelo, Palestina, Huila, at 1650 meters above sea level, it started with just 5 hectares and a few varieties. Over time, they added more varieties like Caturra and Colombia. Rodrigo's passion for coffee grew as he learned more about cupping. Thanks to this, his curiosity about reaching specific notes in his coffees grew too. These new processes and flavors propelled the farm to global recognition. By 2010, it had expanded to 23 hectares, allowing for the cultivation of Geisha and Bourbon varieties. Rodrigo's parents still oversee the farm's operations.


For carbonic maceration, Rodrigo Sanchez´s team begins by selecting beans that are at least 90% ripe and have a Brix degree averaging 20-24. After arriving at the processing area, the beans undergo a floating process to remove impurities. Then, they ferment in cherry for 70 hours with CO2 injection enhancing sweetness and body. In this step the coffee will also change the color of its mucilage into intense and dark pink tones, transferring it to the parchment. Next, they undergo a secondary fermentation in barrels for 70-94 hours to improve fragrance and acidity. Finally, the coffee is washed and dried for 18-22 days, resulting in a brighter, more aromatic, and sweeter cup with intensified flavors and acidity.


Country Colombia

Region Huila

Producer Rodrigo Sánchez

Coffee farm Finca el Progreso


Coffee type Arabica

Crop 2024

Harvest time May - June

Harvest method Picking

Altitude 1650m

Variety Caturra and Bourbon

Processing Carbonic Maceration Washed

Soil type Loamy soil

Irrigation Natural rainfall

Ref. No. P11240


strawberry | vanilla | biscuity | milkshake | raspberry | toffee 

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