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In 2018, Clearpath Coffee founded the El Puente project and built a washing station in Palestine, in the Huila region, for the local community of small-scale farmers. "El Puente" translates to "the bridge" and symbolizes the mission of connecting local small-scale farmers with the global specialty coffee market. The facility is strategically located in an area with a high density of coffee farms to facilitate easy delivery of cherries by local coffee farmers and further process the coffee using honey and natural processes.


The initiative aims to address the challenges faced by 214 small specialty coffee farmers in the region through various measures. These include purchasing freshly harvested cherries from local small-scale farmers, providing them with suitable infrastructure for drying and storing the coffee, paying them a price equivalent to that of dry coffee, processing the coffee for them, and connecting them with the right buyers worldwide.


This project reflects Clearpath Coffee's commitment to sustainable practices, such as the decision to exclusively process natural and honey processes, which are 80% less water-intensive than washed coffees, in order to address water scarcity.


Country Colombia

Region Huila

Project El Puente


Coffee type Arabica

Crop 2024

Harvest time May - June

Harvest method Picking

Altitude 1680m

Processing Natural

Soil type Loamy soil

Irrigation Natural rainfall

Ref. No. P11237


floral | black cherry | blueberry | dried fruit sweetness | hibiscus | lavender | lychee

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