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The pulp left over from the extraction of the coffee bean as a "waste product", also known as cascara, has already been prepared as a tea for a long time. Coffee farmers discovered early that the pulp of the coffee cherry contains complex fruit flavors and valuable nutrients. To obtain the pulp, which like the coffee bean contains caffeine, for the washed process, it is sun-dried after it has been separated from the coffee bean. For coffee farmers, selling the pulp can mean an additional source of income. In terms of taste, Cascara is more reminiscent of a fruit tea than a coffee drink. The taste nuances depend on the type of coffee and the growing area. This washed cascara was made from organic certified cherries and has been processed at the Abakundakawa Washing Station. Abakundakawa, which means "those who love coffee", is a cooperative founded in 1999 from which we source many great organic-certified coffees


Country Rwanda

Region Gakenke District

Washing Station Abakundakawa


Coffee type Arabica

Crop 2023

Harvest time February - June

Harvest method Picking

Altitude 1760 masl

Processing Fully washed

Variety Bourbon

Soil type Clay soil

Ref. No.P11098 


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