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Luis "Wicho" Valdés is the third-generation producer of Finca Santa Isabel and Finca San Lorenzo. He studied agricultural engineering and learned everything about coffee from his family. The farms are located at an altitude of 1400-1500m in the hills of Alta Verapaz, a village in the Cobán region. Wicho grows and processes some of the most sought-after coffee in Guatemala. Both farms cover about 70 hectares and cultivate various coffee varieties. During the harvest season, about 500 pickers carefully harvest ripe cherries from millions of plants on both fincas. Los Volcanes produces two types of lots from Wicho's coffee: one using patios and drying beds and the other using mechanical drying. Due to the rainy climate, Finca San Lorenzo employs different drying methods. Wicho grows his coffee on terraces to manage heavy rainfall and protect the soil. The foliage is checked twice a year for nutrients and diseases, while organic coffee husks and worm-cultivated soil enrich the land. These methods result in exceptional, high-quality coffee.


Country Guatemala

Region Alta Verapaz

Coffee farm Finca San Lorenzo


Coffee type Arabica

Crop 2023/24

Harvest time Nov. - April

Harvest method Picking

Altitude 1450masl

Varieties Caturra

Processing Washed

Soil type Loam soil

Irrigation Natural rainfall

Ref. No. P11271


Apricot | Dark Chocolate | Mandarin Orange | caramel | honeydew | peach

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