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Los Volcanes Coffee is a leading producer and exporter of specialty coffee focused on organic, people-centered and regenerative agriculture. With a focus on positive social and environmental impact, they work closely with coffee producers in four different countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Brazil) to ensure fair treatment and support for local communities. 

In 2019, the joint venture with Fazenda Rio Brilhante, whose founder Inácio Urban entrusted the transition to Los Volcanes' quality program and processing methodology, helped transform the farm from a local trader to one of the most recognized names in the sector. Rio Brilhante goes beyond in all the requirements for business in Brazil and provides food and accommodation for the majority of employees. They also support a system of local schools throughout the western part of Minas. Compost, natural corridors for animal migration, are complemented by a sophisticated system of forest and soil regeneration. When the new Rainforest Alliance certification regulations were implemented, Rio Brilhante was one of only three cases in the world that achieved 100% compliance.


Country Brazil

Region Pântano, Minas Gerais

Coffee farm Fazenda Rio Brilhante

Producer Inácio Urban


Coffee type Arabica

Quality NY 2/3, Scr. 17/18

Crop 2023/24

Harvest time May – June

Harvest method mechanical harvesting

Altitude 1150m

Variety Yellow Bourbon, Topázio, Red Catuaí, 785/15

Processing Natural

Soil type Clay & Sand soil

Ref. Nr. P11212


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