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With the new Flavourmania filter tool you can select from numerous taste nuances and intensities exactly the coffee that perfectly fits to your desired taste profile. You can filter all of our currently available coffees by taste. Choose your favourite flavours and find your perfectly matching coffee right here!


Over the past few months, we've put our heads together and embarked on the diverse flavours of coffee. For us coffee is a fascinating and versatile natural product, which varies from country to country, growing region, processing method, variety, moisture level, brewing method, roasting profile and so on. Therefore, it was important for us to develop a communication tool for us and our customers, containing a comprehensive list of flavours and intensities. Some intense and inspiring discussions later, our Flavourmania was born!


When we drink coffee, our senses are stimulated. We smell the aromas, we taste the nuances, we see the colours and we feel the intensity. With our Flavourmania we want to go a step further and build associations. Through different color intensities we want to create links to the respective tastes.

The color gradients in the background make clear that there is a connection between all tastes and that they are considered as a whole. In the process of quality control, we ensure that only high-quality coffees are accepted and defects and negative tastes are sorted our to our best judgement. That’s why we have decided to consider only positive aspects.


Flavourmania was born out of a passion for coffee. Through the constant exchange with each other, but above all with our customers, we have noticed that we need to speak a more comprehensive language. In addition to complex flavour descriptions, as well as discoveries of new processing methods, varieties, origin countries, preparation methods, etc., we want to continue this mania and put our Flavourmania no end!

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