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Bugoyi is one of the six washing stations run by Emmanuel Rusatira and his family. With full dedication and love for his coffee, he has been processing fully washed, naturals and honeys since 2017. The location on the shore of lake Kivu brings a light breeze and soft sunlight, ideal for cooling and drying the beans evenly. 80% of the workers at Bugoyi Washing Station are women. Damascen Ntibiramira is the station manager of Bugoyi Washing Station. He is an expert in mobilisation and makes Bugoyi attractive to many farmers. Adelphine Nyiranzabonimpaye is the Quality Manager and has been working in coffee for seven years. She oversees the drying of the coffees and is an important part of Baho Coffee. In close collaboration with 1,500 local smallholder farmers who bring their cherries to the washing station on foot or by bicycle, some outstanding and full-bodied washed, honeys and naturals are produced here.

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Country Rwanda

Region Rutsiro District

Washing Station Bugoyi Washing Station

Producer Emmanuel Rusatira

Exporter Baho Coffee


Coffee type Arabica

Quality Grade A1, Scr. 15+

Crop 2019

Harvest time April - June

Harvest method Picking

Altitude 1800m

Variety Red Bourbon

Processing Honey

Soil type Clay soil

Irrigation Natural rainfall

Ref. No. P10306


 honey | biscuity | floral |

green tea | pecan nut

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