Volcan Azul was nominated twice for the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence this year. Two of their coffees were among the 24 best lots in the competition. Our Geisha Natural Anaerobic is the "brother" of the award-winning anaerobic geisha! The process begins before the cherries are harvested. By regularly measuring the Brix degree, Alejo and his team look for the ideal time to pick the coffee. Once this is found, the cherries are harvested and are taken to the wet mill, where they are cleaned with water and then stored in fermentation barrels, where the Brix, pH, and temperature are constantly measured to ensure that the process goes as desired. This year the coffee stayed in the closed tanks for about 7 days at an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

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Land Costa Rica

Region West Valley

Kaffeefarm Finca Volcan Azul
Produzent Alejo Castro Kahle 


Kaffeeart Arabica

Erntejahr 2020/21

Erntezeit Jan. - März

Ernteart Handernte “Picking”

Höhenlage 1400m

Varietäten Geisha

Aufbereitung Natural Anaerobic

Bodenverhältnisse Vulkanböden

Bewässerung Natürlicher Regenfall

Ref. No. P10635


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