Check out our current selection of specialty coffees! According to Q-Grading standards, specialty coffees are coffees with a score of 

over 80 points. For us, there are many more factors making a coffee a specialty coffee. The degree of traceability, the availability, varieties, processes, and many more. To make it easier for you to find the right coffee, we classify the coffees in our portfolio in three 

categories: Exclusives, Regionals & Classics:

from 84 points on

  • Farm coffees, micro- or nano-Lots

  • often experimental, unique processes

  • complete traceability back to the farmer

  • Exclusive, partly smaller lots,  often only available in limited quantities

  • Detailed information available for download

from 82 points on

  • Coffees whose origin can be traced back on a regional level

  • close, long-term partnerships in the origin countries

  • larger quantities with constant quality, seasonally available 

  • information available for download

from 80 points on

  • Coffees with a focus on excellent and constant quality - only possible thanks to long-term partnerships in the origin countries 

  • usually year-round availability

  • Classics are often used in Blends for filter or espresso, and - depending on the origin - are in some cases easily interchangeable 




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